Valet Parking

  •     You drop the car to us and we will help you park your car. Kindly note that your vehicle might be moved to our long-term or short-term parking according to your reservation details. This is an economic option. In addition, Parknfly provide free transfer to International/ Domestic Terminal for our customers.

Allocated Parking

  •     In this option, you will drive your vehicle to our specified location. You can park the car and take the key with you. Your vehicle will not be moved from this spot during the stay. In addition, Parknfly provide free transfer to International/ Domestic Terminal for our customers.

Discover Secure Airport Parking at Low Prices with 2cheapparking

Are you looking for secure airport parking that won’t break the bank? We can help. 2cheapparking offers a secure facility with cameras, electric fences, and alarms, as well as a free shuttle service and optional car wash.


International parking.*

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Domestic parking.*

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Short Term

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Overnight parking.*

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Long Term

Long Term parking.*

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Benefits of Secure Airport Parking Services

When you choose an airport parking and shuttle service, you’ll enjoy several specific advantages, such as:

  • The freedom to travel at your own pace. When you keep your vehicle available, you won’t have to worry about hiring a taxi or a ridesharing service; you’ll be able to simply get into your car and leave when you’re ready. That means less waiting around for rides.
  • Saving money. The cost of rides can add up, especially during peak traffic times. Instead of waiting for rates to drop and then booking your ride – or overspending – you can use your own car. When you book cheap airport parking, that’s the only expense you’ll incur related to your transportation to and from the airport.
  • Exceptional service. If your flight does land outside of our regular business hours, we can help arrange to park your car nearby so that you won’t have to wait until the next morning to pick it up. We also offer a car wash service and a loyalty program to make your travel experience as satisfactory as possible.
  • Simple, effortless booking. 2cheapparking makes parking as easy as possible by offering online booking, payments, and check-ins. You won’t need to come to us or even make a phone call if you don’t want to; instead, simply book on our website and relax knowing that your parking arrangements are all set.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Airport Parking Services

When you aren’t prepared, trying to park at the airport can present some unexpected challenges. Here are some common mistakes to avoid and ensure that you have a smooth, satisfactory experience.

  • Failing to make plans ahead of time. Although the airport and nearby car parks may appear to have lots of vacant slots, they may be more booked up than they appear – especially around holidays and other peak travel times. For best results, book well in advance of your trip. idea to have an oil change done if needed and make sure your windshield wiper fluid is full.
  • Paying too much. Choosing to park at the airport itself or booking with the first offsite car park you find could cost you a lot unnecessarily. Not keeping your car with you near the airport can also cost you a lot of money in taxi or ride sharing services. Instead, book with 2cheapparking and enjoy the best of both worlds: your car available when you want it, and low rates.
  • Avoiding offsite parking. Offsite airport parking and shuttle services frequently offer dramatically lower prices. At 2cheapparking, we also provide a free shuttle to get you from your car to the airport with ease – and in plenty of time to catch your flight.

Related Services We Provide to Cheap Car Parking Near Auckland Airport

At 2cheapparking, we offer a range of services to make it as easy as possible for you to park your vehicle during your trip. Here are a few of the options you’ll have when you choose to park with us.

  • Valet parking. When you select valet parking, you’ll drop your car off with us, and we’ll help you park it. Depending on your reservation details, we may move your vehicle to short-term or long-term parking. This is a highly cost-effective and popular option.
  • Allocated parking. With allocated parking, you’ll drive your vehicle to the location we specify. You’ll park it yourself and take your key with you. We will not move your car from this spot while you’re away.
  • Free airport transfer. When you book cheap airport parking with us, we’ll provide a convenient shuttle service from your car to the airport. When you return, just give us a call when your flight lands, and we’ll pick you up and take you directly back to your vehicle.
  • Car wash service. If you’d like, we’ll clean your car inside and out while you’re gone. Choose from our Basic Wash, Wash & Clean, and Full Groom options with services such as an exterior handwash, vacuuming of the cabin and boot space, dusting and wiping down the dashboard and interior trims, cleaning of floormats, degreasing of tyres and wheels, and window cleaning.

We also offer cruise transfers if needed – just let us know of your plans and we’ll work with you to accommodate your individual needs.

About 2cheapparking

If you’re looking for the best airport parking option, look no further than 2cheapparking. We offer secure and affordable parking at a convenient location, minutes from Auckland Airport. We also provide a park and shuttle service so that you have free transportation from your vehicle to the airport. You may also choose to take advantages of our car wash service while you’re away, if you’d like. Whether you need short- or long-term parking near the airport, we can help. Contact us today to plan your stay.

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