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Overnight Parking at Auckland Airport

We Make Overnight Parking at Auckland Airport Easy and Stress-Free

Travel is not easy, but overnight parking at Auckland Airport is one way to make your journey less complicated. 2cheapparking is a safe and straightforward way to keep your vehicle safe while you travel. Learn how off-site overnight parking developed and why we are the best solution to your parking needs.

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Drop Off / Pick Up
110 Montgomerie Road, Mangere, Auckland

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A History of Overnight Parking at Auckland Airport

Parking needs grew as the number of commercial airports expanded throughout the second half of the 20 th Century when air travel replaced trains as the favourite mode of getting to your destination. Learn how the off-site overnight parking developed.

  • Architects designing airports had the burden of creating places for people to leave their cars when they decided to travel by air. They needed to maximise the number of spaces while controlling the traffic in and out of the airport. Parking structures grew taller and denser as demand increased.
  • The price of building parking structures grew as the demand for more space as airports surged in popularity. The costs were passed down to the consumer making it more difficult for the average traveller to afford. Longer-term lots developed as an alternative, but they required that the traveller built in extended wait times to guarantee they made it to their flight on time.
  • As the airports continued to grow, they were unable to control the security throughout the vastness of the airport property. Thieves were taking advantage of blind spots within the structure’s surveillance. Passengers began looking for alternatives, and that gave birth to the off-site parking structure for cheaper, safer, and more convenient parking.

What Sets 2cheapparking Apart Regarding Auckland Domestic Airport Overnight Parking

We believe that you should not have to worry about your vehicle when you travel. That is why our services provide the best alternative to your parking solution. Learn why people choose to leave their car in our care.

  • We installed cameras, electrical fences, and locked gates on the premises to ensure the security of your car. Alarms will alert us to any trespassing so that culprits are apprehended before any damage occurs. Your vehicle is safe in our lots.
  • Our friendly and professional staff will greet you upon arrival and provide you with the highest quality service. You’ll find our staff exceptionally supportive and helpful in answering any of your questions. We can also arrange for a valet service to bring your car to you if you return after hours. We include a car wash service as an option and include a free car wash after your tenth stay with us. Our shuttle service will whisk you to kerbside and pick you up when you complete your travels.
  • When you compare us to our competitors, you’ll discover that our services are cheaper. You will receive the best service at the lowest cost. It is a combination you won’t find anywhere else.

Why 2cheapparking is Cost-Effective

Overnight parking at Auckland Airport is easy, inexpensive, and fast when you use our services. We are more than a space to leave your vehicle. You will experience exceptional service at prices below what you could imagine. Please Contact us to answer any questions.

Drop Off / Pick Up
110 Montgomerie Road, Mangere, Auckland