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Short Term Parking at Auckland Airport

Leave the Stress Behind with Short Term Parking at Auckland Airport

Short term parking at Auckland Airport is easy with our services. 2cheapparking provides a secure lot for your vehicle and a quick shuttle to the kerbside. Learn how to make your experience at the airport effortless and stress-free.

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Drop Off / Pick Up
110 Montgomerie Road, Mangere, Auckland

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    Secure and monitored

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    Economical convenience

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    Perfect if you're heading on a big trip

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    Quick shuttle away from the terminal

Benefits of Short Term Parking at Auckland Airport

Air travel is stressful. It would help if you arrived at the airport early enough to check your luggage, manage through security, and walk to your gate. Learn why it makes more sense to drive your car to the airport to save time and feel less stress.

  • You will save a great deal on the cost by avoiding expensive taxis or driving services whose prices fluctuate throughout the day, leaving you unsure how expensive your ride will be by the time you arrive at the airport. When you drive your car, the cost of the drive is only as much as the gas you use en route.
  • Calculating the time to get to the airport is simple and straightforward when you drive yourself, especially when using your GPS. A taxi company often requests that you leave an hour early, and a ride-sharing company may not have any available drivers when you are ready to depart, and a shuttle will drive you directly to departures.
  • Your space will be waiting for you when you arrive at the short-term car park at Auckland Airport. You’ll save time and relieve stress when you make a reservation online when you choose to drive yourself to the airport.

What You Can Expect from 2cheapparking Regarding Short Term Parking at Auckland airport

Leave the stress behind when arriving at the airport because you will be in good hands. Learn the ways we ensure you’ll be kerbside quickly and smoothly.

  • There is a parking space waiting for you once you pre-book online on our website. All we need is your name, dates in and out, email, phone number, vehicle body type, and number plate. The process is simple, and it guarantees you a place at one of our 200 spots.
  • Our friendly staff will greet you upon arrival. You can self-park and leave with your keys, or you can valet your car, and we will park it for you. Enjoy a free shuttle from our location to the airport, where they will drop you off kerbside. The process is effortless, and you will begin your journey without the myriad of hassles so often accompanying airport arrival.
  • While you are away on business or pleasure, your car is safe within our electric fence connected to the office alarm. There are 16 cameras installed to keep the facility secure. We also have professional car washers so that your car looks sparkling clean when you return if you choose to use this service.

Why You Should Use 2cheapparking

What sets us apart is our commitment to make your experience as pleasant as possible at the lowest cost. And while we treat you like royalty, you will pay the price of a pauper. We want to win your loyalty, and therefore we are committed to giving you the best customer service imaginable. Please Contact us us with any questions.
Free yourself from the stress of arriving at the airport with our services. Book online today to ensure an effortless journey.

Drop Off / Pick Up
110 Montgomerie Road, Mangere, Auckland